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Chapel without a chaplain: Implications of the recent changes

In wake of the faculty and staff layoffs, many rumors have circulated around campus from concerned students regarding Geneva College’s financial stability. Alongside other staff and faculty cuts, the recent suspension of the chaplain position, held by Reverend Rutledge Etheridge since 2013, has created some of the most tension from students. 

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HvZ causes campus-wide stir

Andrew Gedelian 

Staff Writer 


Humans vs. Zombies faced an uncertain future on April 8, after a community member reported an individual with a gun on Geneva College’s campus to local police. Though the reported weapon was found only to be a nerf gun belonging to a student player, the game was postponed for the remainder of the day. 

The nerf gun in question had been painted black by the owner, with only minor sections of the orange color visible. The police arrived on campus in a matter of minutes, quickly settling the matter. 

In light of these events, there has been discussion concerning the future of the game. 

“Nobody is saying at this point we need to stop Humans vs. Zombies,” said Randon Willard, director of the Center for Student Engagement. 

It seems this incident has not decreased excitement for the annual game. It remains an engaging event for the students on campus, as well as a point of interest for incoming students to observe during campus visits.  

Faculty leader of the gun club and associate professor of business, Dr. Matt Fuss, said, “It is an activity that really engages the campus community. I see students that are otherwise reserved being involved in Humans versus Zombies.”  

Additionally, many students have expressed an acceptance towards the added regulations. 

Senior William Klanderman, adventure team student leader in charge of the event, said, “I really see HvZ as the quintessential ulterior motive of college education. You need to have that craziness. You need to have that fun.” 

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Toby Shope: Traveler, Artist, and Counselor for Christ

Counselors and pastors often share similar responsibilities, including meeting the needs of others on deep, personal levels. Wearing both these hats, graduate student and intern for Geneva College’s counseling services, Toby Shope plays a huge role in ministering to the needs of students on campus. With a heart for the Lord, Shope has already had a big impact on Geneva’s campus, including initiating the Stress Less program, a weekly meeting to help undergraduate students handle and alleviate stress.  

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Film Fest Adjustments

Film Fest, an annual activity for students, experienced a number of changes this school year as both its date and location were altered. Though typically a fall event held during the final week of classes, the event instead took place in February 2019. Additionally, after three years in the same location, the event moved from the local elementary school in Beaver Falls to an on-campus venue, John White Chapel. 

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VITA: “Kingdom work in business”

This semester, 24 Geneva students are serving the Beaver Falls community through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. VITA offers students experience with tax processing and practical service for the kingdom of God. “This is how you do kingdom work in business,” Grace Weaver, one of the on-sight student coordinators said.  

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