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Loving the Body 

Body image is still a resilient problem. Despite the widespread rhetoric that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” (who ever explicitly states the opposite?), despite all the self-help books and the public resistance against contemporary beauty standards, the anxiety and self-hate that results from one’s own body image remains rampant. It is often argued that this is an indication that we ought to love ourselves more, but the problem is more likely caused by an individualistic understanding of the body. 

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“Don’t be afraid to educate yourself”: Diversity and Inclusion team brings patriotism to the table

Are you a Christian American or an American Christian? This challenging question, alongside others pertaining to patriotism within today’s culture, were discussed by Geneva students, faculty and staff at Bring It to the Table on October 24. The event, held in the President’s Dining Room, was hosted by the Diversity and Inclusion team of the Center for Student Engagement.  

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Pumpkin Patch Bash: A Smashing Success for Geneva College and Tiger Pause

The Pumpkin Patch Bash event for Tiger Pause Youth Ministry took place on Geneva’s campus on October 25, through the Center for Student Engagement. Directed by service learning coordinator Missy Nyeholt, the annual event is organized by a student volunteer as a member of the community engagement team. The student project coordinator this year was senior student ministry major Brendan O’Connor.

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