Women’s rugby returns to Geneva

Andrew Gedelian 

Staff Writer 

The Women’s Rugby Team is returning to Geneva after being defunct for several years. Sarah Erney, a junior English and writing major, is preparing to resurrect the female branch of the sport. 

Erney is passionate about this initiative, stating, “I think rugby is a really cool opportunity because it is more of a contact sport, and I think that’s not often offered for women.” She adds that rugby has an historical appeal as a contact sport for both men and women. 

While the team will be strictly female, there are other ways for both men and women to get involved in the sport. Opportunities include positions in public relations, sports management and other areas of administration.  

Erney shares, “The Geneva women’s rugby club is committed to not discriminating against anyone. . . Our mission as a club is to promote fellowship as a team, and also through that to do acts of service and to show the love of Christ.” 

Currently, there are no set dates for team registration. However, both the men’s and women’s teams will meet later this semester to explain the rules of the game to any new players.  

For those interested in more information about the team, contact Sarah Erney at sarah.erney@geneva.edu