The new faces of GCSG

Patrick Cooper / Staff Writer  

The candidates for the Geneva College Student Government (GCSG) were voted in on Feb. 15, led by Hollie Gfroerer, and now next year’s government is ready to make their mark on Geneva’s campus.    

Hollie Gfroerer, senior class president and student body president, is one of the most experienced GCSG members, having served since her freshman year. She is ecstatic to be your student body president for 2019-20.  

Of her election to president, Gfroerer said, “Being student body president has been a goal of mine since I joined GCSG and I am so excited. Everyone in next year’s GSGC is super enthusiastic and they all have something different to bring.”  

Not everyone elected is a seasoned veteran like Gfroerer. A few members are completely new to their positions in the GCSG.   

Dylan Van Sky, junior vice president, decided to run as an “impulse decision.”  Despite the spontaneity, however, Van Sky is happy to be surrounded by other motivated students in GCSG who want to help their student peers succeed in college. He said, “I’m really excited that I can represent so many of my friends and help get their needs to the forefront of Geneva’s plan. A college is nothing without their students.” 

Nathaniel Heidengren, junior class president, is also serving in student government for the first time and is honored to be chosen to listen to students and “help them in any way [he] can.”   

What is it like inside the student government? Maddie Ekho, senior vice president, gives us a glimpse behind the curtain. She said, “Honestly, we are kind of like a family! We all have such a passion for Geneva and serving the student body.”  

Sara Hagen, sophomore vice president, knows many of the returning members of GCSG and is excited to get to know the rest of the group. She is hoping that the familiarity between the groups will help them become even more involved on campus through hosting more GSCG events.   

When asked about GCSG’s mission, Van Sky said, “College is short and it can be stressful, but the GCSG does an awesome job in helping the student body appreciate being here and being active on campus. It’s nice to get to be a part of that.”