Open for business!  New restaurant in Beaver Falls

Patrick Cooper / Staff Writer     

Ree’s Family Diner in downtown Beaver Falls opened on Feb. 23, claiming to be the “Best Mom & Pop Home-style Cooking” in the area. The diner is owned by Ron Jaber and 2005 Geneva alum, Margarita Jaber.    

This is Ree’s second location—the first, located in the New Brighton area, opened back in 2009. The Jabers said that they “weren’t sure [Beaver Falls] would accept them” when they first opened, but customers have been amazingly supportive and encouraging.   

People love the family atmosphere and the goofy, fun-loving employees at Ree’s. Ron, who started the business, has a deep connection to the diner, and can be seen jumping in and bussing tables and doing dishes. Of her husband, Margarita said he is “one of a kind” and complimented his ability to succeed in this business. “If you’re able to survive five years you’ve pretty much made it.”   

Of course, the food is also a huge hit. The cuisine is described as a little bit of everything—a mix of Greek classics such as gyros and soups, and American favorites such as wings, steak and all-day breakfast.   

Ree’s Family Diner gets its name from the Jabers’ son, Reyad. This focus on family runs deep through Ree’s. They treat each customer and employee like family and seek to provide work opportunities to people in the community who might not otherwise be given a chance.     

The Jabers also have plans to expand their business in the future. They plan to open a taproom in New Brighton complete with karaoke and pool tables as a great place to relax and unwind.   

The Jabers are excited to meet more Geneva students and have the chance to serve them mouthwatering food. Their message to campus is: “Tell Geneva to come on down!”