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Photo Credit: Megan Schoeneweis

Photo Credit: Megan Schoeneweis

Megan Schoeneweis /

 Staff Writer / Photo Editor 

Going to a Christian conference is not a one-day, or even a weekend, event. Going to a Christian conference is a dedication to your own personal, individualized Christian faith. It is a special time and space that gives human beings the opportunity to build a relationship with Christ, rebuild a relationship with Christ, grow alongside other believers, pursue the Lord in a way that they are unable to do on a day-to-day basis and truly respond to the Holy Spirit.  

We all go to Geneva College, a liberal arts Christian school, so why does this topic need to be discussed? It needs to be discussed because we are the church. The body of Christ is the church. If the body of Christ does not communicate about the Lord and His will, or how to do work in His kingdom, then the kingdom cannot grow.  

How does the kingdom begin growing? It starts with fellowship and it starts with action. The point of Christian conferences is to bring believers together so then inaction can be brought to action, both in our hearts and our daily actions.  

To revive something means to bring it back to life; it is an improvement to the present condition or strength of something. Kingdom building can be the start of revival. Revival is not rocket science; revival is an activated church. An activated church is not full of people who say, “I will say ‘yes’ tomorrow.” An activated church is full of people who say “yes” now.  

Luke 10:2 states, “The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.” The laborers cannot be few anymore. The laborers must gather, and they must be sent. In order to be sent, the church must activate. Who is the church? The church is the Lord’s children. And how can they be activated? They need to be in fellowship with others through communion and thanksgiving.  

Attending a Christian conference could be the start of a revolution. So, say “yes” now, because your “yes” could be someone else’s eternity.  

Anything is possible with Jesus, and simple obedience truly changes history.