Christopher Yuan back at Geneva College

Photo Credit Megan Schoeneweis

Photo Credit Megan Schoeneweis

Brittany Knox / Student Writer 

On Feb. 27, GVALS welcomed Christopher Yuan, professor of Biblical studies at Moody Bible Institute, for the third time to speak on campus. He addressed the subjects “Redeeming Biblical Singleness” at chapel and “A Christian Response to Homosexuality” in the evening in Skye Lounge.   

His topics on homosexuality and singleness are important issues facing both Christian and secular cultures today. Yuan provides audiences with clarity on these subjects, giving a perspective on the way Christians should take action in and around these conversations.   

Speaking about Yuan’s faith, associate professor of communication Jeffrey Schindel said, “Christopher is a living and breathing example of God’s love and grace, allowing us to see... that it is possible to live our lives consistently according to Scripture despite whatever cross we have to bear.”  

Schindel has been good friends with Yuan since meeting him at an annual conference in 2006 and hearing his testimony. Schindel immediately knew Yuan’s story would have an impact on college campuses, and in 2008, after hearing him at another conference in North Carolina, Schindel connected Yuan and his family with Geneva College.  

Yuan believes the importance of singleness is often neglected on Christian college campuses where messages about the beauty of marriage are constantly promoted while messages about the beauty of singleness are left unaddressed. The idea that “people can be happy and be single” was incorporated into his speech.  Yuan provided insight on this topic through sharing his own experience with singleness.  

Schindel praised Yuan for the way he carried himself through this conversation and said, “Christopher speaks eloquently about the giftedness of singleness and emphasizes that it’s not second-place in the Kingdom. It’s a vibrant role in the Body of Christ and the role of singleness doesn’t compete with married roles...[in fact], it complements the Body of Christ, and those who are not married are never excluded from a blessed life.”  

Yuan is also the author of two books, Out of a Far Country, co-written with his mother, Angela Yuan, and Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story. His testimony has reached five continents, and his personal story,  alongside his theological perspective on sexuality, continually shocks and moves audiences around the world.