Film Fest Adjustments

Patrick Cooper 

Student Writer 


Film Fest, an annual activity for students, experienced a number of changes this school year as both its date and location were altered. Though typically a fall event held during the final week of classes, the event instead took place in February 2019. Additionally, after three years in the same location, the event moved from the local elementary school in Beaver Falls to an on-campus venue, John White Chapel. 

Film Fest was rescheduled to the spring semester after only two student film submissions were received for the December showing. Rather than “faking it” with such few films, Randon Willard, director of the Center for Student Engagement, decided to postpone the event. 

The change of location was an attempt to adjust the atmosphere surrounding the event. Though the size constraints of JWC limited the number of possible attendees, it also resulted in much more crowd interaction.  

“People started chanting ‘Kevin!’ and ‘All Day,’” said Willard. “That was something that hadn’t happened before at the middle school.” 

Reflecting on the event, Willard said, “It was good to have it back on campus. Having it in JWC made it louder. . . gave it a better feeling of community.” 

Willard and the staff of the CSE are not yet sure if the event will continue to be held at JWC or if it will move back to the middle school in the years to come.