Swing by Geneva’s new gazebo

By Alexis Dingeldein  / Copy Editor  

The foundation of Geneva’s new gazebo, funded by the 2018 graduating class, has been laid on the grounds outside of Old Main. With Physical Plant on the job, the gazebo, complete with swings, is set for completion by the end of October.  

This designated spot will attract both students and campus visitors alike. Kelly Sanzari, director of alumni relations, says, “The seniors, when thinking about what they wanted their class gift to be…really wanted it to be a place where people were able to gather.” In response to its location, Sanzari says Alumni Hall lawn was chosen because of its high traffic flow.   

Gazebo designs have been in process since spring of 2018, during which debates took place over a hexagonal or octagonal shape. The senior class gift committee selected the initial gift and coordinated donations throughout the spring semester.  

The class of 2018 raised $2,671 towards the gazebo. Their donations were matched by the Geneva College Board of Trustees up to five thousand dollars. 

Every year, the committee announces the donation process at the 100 Days Dinner, which commemorates the countdown of one hundred days until graduation. Donations are collected until the Senior Send-Off Dinner and are typically the graduating year in dollar amount — most recently, $20.18. Seniors are encouraged to give more if interested, though they are not required to give at all. Sanzari says, “We want them to feel compelled to want to give and understand the importance of philanthropy as well…we try to build that as a part of the culture at Geneva as they move through those four years.”  

 This gazebo is intended by the graduating class to be impactful for the lives of current students. Senior class president of 2018, Katelyn Oyler, says, “We chose that gift because it was something we had heard from other students that they would want to have on campus…we saw it as a place where the conversations and…friendships could be built.”