President-elect Calvin Troup’s first address to the college campus



Photo credit: Lois Piscatello

Geneva College introduced the college’s new president-elect in Skye Lounge on Monday, Feb. 8 at 3 p.m. with the alma mater sung by the Genevans, refreshments and a few words from the president-elect himself, Dr. Calvin Troup.

With tears filling his eyes, Troup addressed the near 100 in attendance by expressing his gratitude to God for the college, saying, “It [Geneva College] is a very meaningful and important place. And we have some really good work to do together.”

Troup will be Geneva’s twentieth president since the college’s origin in 1848.

He is currently a full-time faculty member at Duquesne University, and he directs their Rhetoric Ph.D program. He has been published extensively, specifically on the topics of rhetoric, religion and communication.

In the area of rhetoric, Troup’s two primary interests are technology and St. Augustine, of whom he has published several works, including, “Temporality, Eternity, and Wisdom: The Rhetoric of Augustine’s Confessions” and “Augustine for the Philosophers: The Rhetor of Hippo, the Confessions.”

Troup is also the editor-elect of the international journal, Explorations in Media Ecology, of the Media Ecology Association.

But Troup isn’t new to the Geneva community. Not only has he been a member of Geneva’s board of trustees for several years, but he also graduated from Geneva’s undergraduate program in 1983.

As a student of Geneva, Troup was heavily involved in campus activities. He was a member of the football team, an editor of The Geneva Cabinet and a member of the Genevans choir — along with his wife, Amy — just to name a few.

Bonnie Weir, the presidential search committee chair, said, “We had a strong pool of candidates from which to choose … Dr. Calvin Troup rose to the top as an outstanding academic and a leader with a cooperative spirit and a tenacity to achieve enduring success.”

Throughout Geneva’s history, each president has maintained the Reformed Christian traditions as well as leadership academically. Troup said it is “a privilege to follow in their footsteps.”

Throughout his speech, Troup stressed the college’s need to continue working together to capitalize on the many opportunities available at Geneva.

“We have great opportunities [at Geneva], and we do have serious oppositions. We have to go through those things together,” he said.

In explaining the importance of togetherness, Troup referenced the biblical story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem. He explained how the Israelites came together and helped rebuild small portions of the damaged wall. “What an amazing thing, what an amazing opportunity … resources, people committed to doing that work — and opposition,” he said. “There are many ways in which [at] Geneva College … we are repairing a very small part of that wall.”

Geneva College is a remarkable and unique place, said Troup, because its motto “starts out with ‘For Christ.’”

That motto is a reason the college faces opposition, he said. But there is encouragement in that, because that opposition only occurs “when we try and do important things for the kingdom [of God],” Troup said.

One of the ways Geneva continues to do good work for the kingdom of God is through “equipping people to do good work,” said Troup.

He expressed how thankful he is for how the Geneva community is already doing that. He said his job as president will be to come alongside Geneva and join the community in that continued good work.

“I am so thankful for the work that’s been done, [and] I look forward to the work that we can do together,” Troup said.

Watch the video of President-elect Calvin Troup’s first address to the campus community.