MGN moves on from Metheny



The Center for Student Engagement is gearing up once again for their biggest event of the year – My Generation Night (MGN), but with one big change in 2017. The longstanding Geneva tradition of students auditioning to perform songs from their generation in modern concert style is set to be moved from its previous home of the on-campus Metheny Fieldhouse to Pathway Church in Beaver Falls.

Randon Willard, director of the Center for Student Engagement (CSE), discussed the benefits and potential setbacks of this new location. “Pathway was built with acoustics in mind, and the field house definitely wasn’t, so the sound is going to be so much better,” Willard stated.

According to Willard, the sound system and lighting will make MGN feel like a real concert, with the stadium seating as an added bonus.

To students concerned with transportation, Willard assured that buses will be available to take students to and from the church. Although Pathway is not a quick walk down the street and this may deter some, Willard thinks that the improved sound and overall experience will outweigh the possible inconvenience.

“I know this is brand new, and we are going against tradition,” Willard said, “but once students give it a try, I think they will like it.”

A simple mix up prompted the location change. MGN is traditionally the last Friday before finals week, but this year a basketball tournament is scheduled for the same day. The CSE asked students if they preferred to have the event held on a different day or at a different location. The students resoundingly chose the latter, since MGN is traditionally the last big campus event before finals week.

The extra space at Pathway also allows the CSE to plan more elaborately. Willard said, “the pre-show is going to have a little extra flair this year. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think being somewhere else gives us a freedom to add more things to the show.”

MGN will be held April 28, with auditions on April 21, the preceding Friday. The acts will be chosen the following Monday, with a rehearsal Thursday night before the concert on Friday. Generally, 20 to 25 acts perform.

“I am hopeful that this can be something cool that can happen in the years to come,” Willard said.

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