Fam Fest: celebrating music and friendship

Joshua Gilliland 

Geneva celebrated togetherness through the music of Fam Fest on Nov. 17. A unique blend of local singer-songwriters and talented main acts filled the lineup for the late-afternoon and evening.  

The Geneva artists played varieties of originals and covers spanning multiple genres and art forms. Poetry and music filled the air, originating either from the main stage in Johnston Gym or the smaller, more intimate side stage.  

Dave Parker represented the first of the main acts, playing Geneva-classic favorites from his crowdsourced setlist. His talented guitar playing, paired with his own backtracks, laid a full backdrop for his conversational, melodic vocals. Geneva veterans sang along to old favorites as he artfully led the crowd into the remainder of the evening. 

Real Face rocked out with an energetic hybrid of songs that integrates traditional punk and rock styles. Andrew Tyson leads the band with his creative expertise, artistic vision, and instrumental and vocal talent. His music—new to the Geneva scene—has quickly spread across campus and abroad. 

The night ended with Far From None, a lively band comprised of talented and driven upperclassmen. The band is fronted by Alec Tesznar, a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for writing music that is both stylistically and lyrically unique yet relays a comfortable familiarity that makes the music accessible and catchy. The band played tracks from their most recent release entitled “Dear Dolly,” as well as new music that crossed into genres they have not previously explored.  

The setlist for the event included additional campus artists such as Abigail & Emma, Passion Pending, Jordan & Mariah, Chelsea Kilburn and Josh Gilliland.  

Each music group’s act emphasized a warm tone of togetherness and a close sense of family as the afternoon carried into the night. The fog machine, stage lights, and conversation permeated Johnston Gym as Geneva students and friends celebrated the beauty of music and the power of friendship.  

For more information about any of the acts, contact the lead singer or a band member for news on upcoming shows, merchandise, and musical content. Alternatively, you can find their band pages on Facebook.