“Don’t be afraid to educate yourself”: Diversity and Inclusion team brings patriotism to the table

Student Writer / Campus News

Are you a Christian American or an American Christian? This challenging question, alongside others pertaining to patriotism within today’s culture, were discussed by Geneva students, faculty and staff at Bring It to the Table on October 24. The event, held in the President’s Dining Room, was hosted by the Diversity and Inclusion team of the Center for Student Engagement.  

Co-student leaders and hosts of the event sophomore Breland Brown and freshman Jibril Hammond shared facts, current events and testimonies surrounding the evening’s overall theme: Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross? When does Patriotism become Idolatry? After the initial presentation the audience members, consisting of students, faculty and staff, formed small discussion groups. All were encouraged to share their personal opinions and experiences pertaining to the questions provided by Diversity and Inclusion team leaders.  

Brown shared how every Bring It to the Table and other Diversity and Inclusion-sponsored events aim to accomplish three key factors: “celebrate, support, and educate.” Deep topics are intentionally chosen so that deep questions may emerge in conversation. The questions are created by the team with help from faculty and staff members. Chaplain Rutledge Ethridge helped Brown and Hammond establish a Christian perspective about patriotism during this event, prompting a discussion on how our “citizenship is in heaven.”  

As encouragement for all to attend a Bring It to the Table event, Hammond said, “Don’t be afraid to educate yourself.” Brown added, “It isn’t until we lean out of our comfort zones that we truly grow.” 

The Diversity and Inclusion team hosts one event every month.