“American Ruse”: a response to Convergence 2018

Author: Sarah Raspberry 

Children full of giggles and fun  

Line up one by one 

To see museums  

Both Big and small 

Each well-aged  

With frayed facts  

And false founders.  


Museums where people abused 

Are used to make gains  

And this was the aim 

Of white men on this terrain, 

Gaining land to exploit  

And power to abuse.  


Children full of giggles and fun 

Line up one by one  

On the steps of White House. 

Silent and awestruck, 

They learn not of this privileged system 

Built on the backs of black men  

And on land they did not own.  

They learn not of the full truth of this foul nation.  


They have been raised in ignorance and  

Fall for this American Ruse.  

But now,  

It is time to see.