Nicole Braddock Bromley shares her testimony

Photo Credit: Megan Schoeneweis

Photo Credit: Megan Schoeneweis

Lynsie Houk / Managing Editor 

Nicole Braddock Bromley, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, shared her powerful testimony of recovery with Geneva on Oct. 4, 2018. The event, hosted in Skye Lounge, was a partnership and collaboration of the Health and Counseling Services, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Upper Room. 

Bromley is the founder and director of OneVOICE, which is the platform she created to spread awareness on childhood sexual abuse and sex trafficking.  She is also the author of three books: HushBreathe and SOAR.  

By becoming a voice for the voiceless, Bromley felt encouraged to become an activist for those that suffered from childhood sexual abuse or sex trafficking because, as said in her testimony, “[survivors] all need to know they aren’t alone…[and] people in pain need to be heard.” 

The reaches of her influence extend internationally. She is the first in history to hold a public forum in East Africa, discussing the dangers of childhood sexual abuse and sex trafficking.  While hosting this public forum, she spoke alongside the First Lady of Uganda and multiple members of the Kenyan Supreme Court. Additionally, Bromley worked undercover in Cambodia in 2012 to capture child sex trafficking first hand on video. 

Caleb Schaelchlin, the president of Geneva’s student-led ministry Upper Room, described it as “a night where people would hear a life changing message and accept it.” 

Schaelchlin shared his hope that  “Nicole’s story will have a lasting impact as one who stood boldly in front of a group of people and was willingly vulnerable so others could hear, and God-willing, experience some freedom or lifting of some of their struggles.” 

Readers can learn more about Nicole Braddock Bromley’s testimony and efforts by visiting her website