What I’m watching: Gaycation

“You’re letting it pollute your mind” is a comment I heard upon explaining what I’ve been watching recently. And what I’ve been watching is “Gaycation.”

“Gaycation” is a new docu-series exploring the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community worldwide. The series, hosted by actress Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniels, seeks to educate viewers along with themselves about these issues internationally.

The Juno actress explained that she created the series because she’s always loved watching travel series, but she has never seen one talk about these specific issues.

Each hour-long episode focuses on a different country where the hosts have interviews, attend events and have discussions about LGBTQ culture in each country.

Page and Daniel do not want to impose their thoughts on those cultures during the series, but rather they seek to understand how these groups are functioning in different areas.

The hosts try to understand all perspectives. For instance, they conduct a broad range of interviews, from a priest in Jamaica to a cop who has killed a multitude of gay citizens. In an interview, Page reflects upon her goal for the series saying, “what I really hope for is that everyone is getting an opportunity to hear certain perspectives.”

While watching this series, it’s important to remember there is a bias. I believe the hosts are trying to be objective and respectful, but with anything, bias still remains. And that could change how the viewer sees certain parts of LGBTQ culture.

But I don’t believe this bias should discourage Christians from watching the series.

am enjoying “Gaycation” because it’s not only educating me about these issues, but it’s also allowing me to explore my own perspective on the topic. As I’m viewing the series, I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with various points. I am not being “brainwashed” by this series; I am growing from it.

I find this series to be important because it’s real. The people and cultures shown are real.

I believe it is important to look at a global understanding of LGBTQ culture to better understand our own.

We should not be afraid of these issues; we should know about them. Education builds respect, sympathy, disagreement, and most importantly, understanding. I recommend this series to anyone who wants to learn more about these global issues. The series is Rated TV-M for adult content.

The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of The Geneva Cabinet.

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