Integrity ‘Trumps’ the Supreme Court

With all that Donald Trump has said and done, and with what has been revealed about him in the past month, I find it extremely disheartening that so many people are still supporting him and will be casting votes for him simply because of one issue: The Supreme Court.

Before I continue, let me just say that those are the voters I am speaking to: the conservative voters who see Trump as brash, pompous, misogynistic and embarrassing, but are considering voting for him because he promised to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices.

In some ways, I really do sympathize with these people. They are good-hearted, kind people who care deeply about many issues, but they have seen the party that usually represents their beliefs turned upside down by Donald Trump.

My question to those voters is this: at what point does the importance of the Supreme Court become second to preserving some level of decency in the position of President of the United States?

When do the embarrassing and disgusting words and actions of a nominee outweigh his promise to appoint conservative judge?

Let’s not forget when he ridiculed a disabled reporter, or when he insulted Ted Cruz’s wife and father, or when he told people via Twitter to, “check out [Alica Machado’s] sex-tape,” or the entire birther movement, which was rooted in racism.

I could go on about the past, but more recently, many women have come forward accusing Trump of sexual assault, and just a few weeks ago, Trump dismissed one of these women saying, “She would not be my first choice.”

And of course there is the recording of Trump making sickening comments about women.

With all of this and more, people like Paul Ryan, and even Ted Cruz, still support Donald Trump.

If all of this is not enough to withdraw support, then what is?

To the married men who are reading this article: If Donald Trump grabbed your wife’s “pussy” without consent, would that be enough?

Or are you more shocked that I would write such a thing in The Cabinet than by the fact that the potential next president—the one who you are considering voting for—brags about doing exactly what I just wrote to other women?

My point is that there needs to be a line drawn where we say enough is enough, and we cannot have this level of indecency and misogyny in the White House. There is more at stake than the Supreme Court—integrity and civility are also at stake. It breaks my heart to see so many people endorse the type of indecency that Trump embodies.

Because that is exactly what a vote is: an endorsement. I grow tired of hearing, “I’m not a Trump supporter, but I am voting for him.”

Well, then, what is a Trump supporter? Each person has one vote, and who you vote for, ultimately, is who you support. A Trump voter is the very definition of a true Trump supporter.

When someone votes for Trump, they are not “voting for his cabinet,” or “voting for Mike Pence,” or “voting for the Supreme Court,” they are endorsing and voting for Donald Trump—and all he represents—to be the next president and figure-head of the United States of America.

I completely understand the complaints about Hillary Clinton, and I am absolutely not asking you to vote for her. There are serious qualms to be had with her, and I understand if you are repulsed by her in turn.

What I am asking is that you look at Trump in the same way. Clearly, there are serious issues that you, as a Christian and a conservative, have with him, and there are things he has done that you simply hate.

Do not endorse the ugliness of his actions and words; do not endorse his sickening bigotry, misogyny, and crudeness. The Oval Office’s integrity must keep Trump out of office.

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