I’m a lesbian

“I’m a lesbian.”

Those are the words I have thought of leaving on Facebook numerous amounts of times before logging out.

I consider myself a pretty confident person in who I am; I love being me. But every once in a while I get caught up in what society has to say and I forget. I’ll allow society to tell me my sense of self is wrong. I’m wrong.

Sometimes when it’s just me and a few close friends I want to look them in the face and tell them, “I’m a lesbian.” I want to do these things not so I can self-proclaim my true identity but because I have a fascination with reactions. What would they say, what would they do, would they treat me any differently?

When I was a young teen, two of my sisters used to constantly tell me, “you’re a lesbian,” “you’re being a lesbian.” If I was listening to music, I was a lesbian. They said it so often that at one point I began to ask myself if what they were saying was true.

These days I support short hair, short nails, a male speech pattern of “man” and “dude” and a “yo,” and for last Film Fest I wore a blazer, collared shirt and bowtie. To me, it doesn’t matter that the clothes I wear, topped off with a backwards hat, makes me look androgynous.

Don’t ever ever let society tell you who the jank you are. Sometimes I ignore that advice and worry that I don’t wear dresses often enough (I hate the little buggers). But being you isn’t about looking and acting how society thinks you should. Being you is about being comfortable and confident in who you are (social norms are the biggest bullies. Stinkin’ stereotypes!).

Truth is, I’m straight. I dig the men folk.

But my “me” looks an awful lot like what society says is “gay.” Should I embrace the stereotypes as a straight woman just so no one gets confused or I’m not misinterpreted? Every once in a while my answer is “yes” and I walk around in a skirt for a day feeling completely uncomfortable, less confident and less me.

Ya know what? Decorum is overrated.

Geneva peeps, don’t care what the world has to say about you. Is criticism good for you? Yes. Do we falter in our walk and need correcting? Yes.

But don’t ever let people tell you that the Titanic is a girl movie or jocks aren’t supposed to like reading or cool students don’t like chapel. Because some men do cry when they watch the Titanic, some jocks dig the leisure reads and chapel, well, that’s a matter of conviction.


Let’s not judge each other based on society’s expectations. Know who you are and be confident in that. God made us all and loves us all. Let’s try to do the same.

Peace, dudes.

*The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of the Geneva Cabinet.

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