Winter track and field looks to carry record-breaking momentum into postseason

What looked from the outset to be a promising year for Geneva’s women’s and men’s winter track teams has transcended into the historic. The GTs are prepared to take on the PAC championships today after a season marked by the record-breaking performances of Jessica Kelosky, Nicole Bartoletta, Isaac Barringer and Aaron Tedys.

Kelosky, a sophomore, broke her 60-meter record multiple times. She ran a personal best 8.05, which qualified her for the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC) competition.

Bartoletta, a junior, broke her record in the 60-meter hurdles. She ran a 9.41 personal best, which also qualified her for the ECACs.

The ECAC meet will be held on March 4 in Staten Island, New York.

After throwing 10 and 11 meters all last year, junior Barringer threw 13.25 meters, breaking Geneva’s previously long-held record.

Tedys, a sophomore, broke both the 200- and 400-meter school records. His record times included a 22.34 200-meter and a 49.64 400-meter.

All of the records happened early on in the season, which is unusual since the team had not practiced much. Some of the records had not been broken in the past ten years.

Head coach Phil Thompson had nothing but positive things to say about the team’s hard work.

“They have been working their butts off all year. The records that have been broken — they weren’t easy ones,” said Thompson. “It has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with the effort they put in this year.”

Bartoletta, in turn, attributed most of the credit to her coaches and fellow teammates for her success.

“I couldn’t be more blessed with my success so far this season, but it helps to have such supportive and knowledgeable coaches and teammates,” said Bartoletta. “The whole team has been working extra hard since the fall, and it’s really paying off for all of us.”

Tedys also credited his teammates for aiding in his success.

“This feeling is good because it’s something you’re trying to accomplish. This accomplishment in track or any other sport can only happen when you have a good group of teammates to push you everyday to make you the best you can be,” said Tedys. “The feeling of breaking a record let’s you know that everything you’re putting into this sport is paying off and trust is built between your teammates and coach.”

The team has been working hard in light of the upcoming President’s Athletic Conference (PAC) championship.

“It’s great to see how their hard work has paid off. Records are great, but I guarantee every single one of them would give up those records just to win a PAC championship,” said Thompson.

Moving forward, the team looks to continue to rely on one another and continue their selfless play. The PAC championship will be held today, Thursday, Feb. 25 at Youngstown State University.

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