Folk band Rend Collective to play at Geneva tonight

The Christian folk band Rend Collective is making a triumphant return to Geneva’s campus on Wednesday, March 30 at 7 p.m. after a four year absence.

Making their debut Geneva appearance as the opener for Tenth Avenue North in 2012, Rend Collective went on to release four more albums, including two number-one Christian albums in back-to-back releases in 2014 and 2015.

“I’m excited to see how they’ve grown since my Freshman year,” said senior Myriah Farmer. “They’re a grassroots band and I’m excited to [be a part of] that growing process.”

Rend Collective consists of five band members who all originate from Bangor, Northern Ireland, and have a folk sound similar to Mumford and Sons.

Built from a gathering called Rend for spiritually hungry young adults, the band came together from it. Hence the name, Rend Collective.

Chris Llewellyn, a Rend Collective band member, said,

We aren’t really so much of a band as we are a family. People are more important than music, art or apparent success.

Rend Collective’s audience reaches beyond the Christian demographic because of their distinct sound and musical talent. Their latest album, “As a Family We Go,” is intentionally centered around fostering community, a concept relatable to more than just Christian audiences.

While not always explicit, Rend Collective takes their Christian ministry seriously: “We wanted to push boundaries because our God is not safe or small: He has a wild imagination.”

Cheryl Johnston, director of Geneva’s marketing services and public relations, believes that Rend Collective will be a hit for the community. She said, “We are just SO excited to have Rend Collective share their talent and love of the gospel with the Geneva community … I feel that this will be an incredible opportunity for the good news of Jesus to be spread through Rend Collective’s talented performance.”

Reporting collaborated with Celia Harris

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