Da’ T.R.U.T.H. to release “It’s Complicated”

Grammy-nominated Christian rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is set to drop his eighth studio album, “It’s Complicated,” which tackles the complex issue of Christian doubt in the life of the modern believer.

“It’s important for artists to use their music to create a platform to have hard conversations,” said Truth, a 38-year old rapper from Philadelphia, who is also known as Emanuel Lambert. “This is not a turn-up album; this is an album where I am inviting you into the discussion.”

The album’s principle single, titled “Religion,” facilitates this goal of opening a dialogue on little-talked about issues. A haunting, heavy-hitting track is punctuated by Truth’s honest lyricism that speaks to the ongoing struggle he has faced in maintaining his Christian faith.

“Growing up in a Christian environment, one of the downsides is that once you transition from that pre-critical stage of development to the post-critical stage of development … questions that you did not expect arise, and it’s jolting that you’re not prepared for them,” said Truth.

Truth spoke of the challenges associated with being raised as a pastor’s son. As an adolescent and early teen, he was mostly shielded from dissenting beliefs.

“For me, I held tightly to what I had been taught, and dove in headfirst and started engaging people of other religions. I got real zealous, and became a mouth at 14, 15, 16,” said Truth. “I just was on the street corners, picking fights with Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and looking for opportunities to contend with other faiths.”

This blissful ignorance was broken on a street corner one day while out witnessing. A passer-by broke down the walls of his supposed knowledge of the Bible by using the very same book from which Truth derived his inner most values.

“I was completely shaken, and he had done it from the Bible,” said Truth.

The man took Truth through the Scriptures, showing him verses which at a cursory, isolated glance showed Christ differently than Truth had always thought him to be. Truth took a step back from the faith, questioning what he had been taught and believed for so many formative years. It took a period of re-evaluation before God recalled him to the Scriptures. He began reading Leviticus on what he calls a sort of divine whim.

“I know that was God cause back then I would have never opened up the book of Leviticus … I knew that was God impressing on my heart,” said Truth.

The young rapper began reading Leviticus in concert with Hebrews, without any knowledge of their relationship as sister books until his time in Bible college. Delving back into the Scriptures fortified his faith and lit again his spark for the Gospel.

This single event was just the beginning of a long journey of ongoing doubt, however.

“What you hear in that song is years of critically thinking through those questions, asking those questions, and ultimately the Lord leading me to a place of resolve,” said Truth. “I feel like I’ve been working on this album for 15 years because I was asking these same questions 15, 20 years ago.”

“Religion” features a complimentary commentary within the song by world-renowned Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, with whom Truth has developed a flourishing relationship. He interjects as the counterpoint to Truth’s impassioned questioning.

Truth’s goal for the album is to make discussing doubt in the church more acceptable and accessible, all the while taking listeners on a journey with him.

“This generation is asking a lot of questions,” said Truth. “People are more open to hearing your answers when they know that you’re asking all the same questions.”

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