College Hill Ice Cream Shoppe to close

The planning for College Hill Ice Cream Shoppe (CHIC) first began in 2012, and after five years doing business in the Beaver Falls community, the ice cream shoppe will be closing later this year.

“We’ve made a lot of friends here,” said Ruby Vos, the owner of CHIC, “and that’s honestly probably what we’re going to miss the most — seeing people come in and building those relationships.”

The ice cream shoppe will be ending their normal winter hours at the end of February, and moving forward they will be open weekly hours, as staff is available.

Vos said the decision to close the shop came after their other business got a new location. “We have another business, a vending business, and it got a new location in Meadville.”

The opportunity for business in Meadville meant that their shop in Beaver Falls would be harder to manage, as it was already becoming increasingly difficult to keep up.

“We knew having to be that far away was going to be problematic,” Vos said. “We saw that our schedule was getting too crazy, and we couldn’t make both work. It’s a 180 mile round trip and if there’s ever an issue, I can’t be back here on time.”

The vending business in Meadville was much busier than College Hill Ice Cream Shoppe, and Vos had to make a decision. “When one business is that much busier, you can’t sacrifice it,” she said.

CHIC has done a lot for Geneva College and the Beaver Falls Community, and there are many memories they will take with them as they make this transition.

“We’ve had some good events at Geneva that were fun, so those are the kinds of things we’ll miss.” CHIC often served during tailgates for football games and participated in other on-campus events. “Anytime we’re there serving, we get to talk to people [at Geneva] and be out amongst everyone, and those are some of our favorite times.”

Many people found out about the closure of the shoppe via a Facebook post from CHIC earlier this month. Among other things, the post read, “Our tears are full of joy, excitement, and anticipation as we wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in this next chapter of our lives … but also full of sadness because we will miss seeing so many of the friendly faces from the College Hill and surrounding communities.”

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